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Furniture Restoration

Keep Your Furniture in Flawless Condition With Our Furniture Repair Service in Spring, TX, the Woodlands, and Beyond

Look no further than Better Call Baldy for reliable furniture repair for your beloved furniture pieces. We have the know-how to repair or assemble any size of furniture from ornamental chairs to large dressers, thanks to our over ten years of experience as general handymen.

In order to achieve a smooth look and restore the structural integrity of your furniture, we will assess the materials involved, such as wood, metal, or lacquer, and apply the most appropriate techniques and products. Imagine bringing back the beauty and functionality of your furniture pieces that have fallen into disrepair because of an accident or neglect. Our services are available to clients in and around Spring, TX.

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Get the Best Repair Services for Your Most-Loved Pieces

Here are some signs your furniture needs to be serviced by a professional:

  • The wood surface still has a sticky feeling and look
  • Noticeable dents, dings, scratches, and other flaws
  • Missing parts, wobbly, or damaged framework
  • You’re thinking of discarding or donating your item

Our expertise can bring back the original condition of your furniture. Whether you need furniture assembly, furniture repair, or furniture refinishing service, we’re the company to call. Let us give you that “wow” factor when you receive your piece.

We take pride in high-quality work, and attention to detail to ensure your furniture gets the best service and no further damage is done. You can be sure of a stress-free project. And with our fair pricing, you can get started on your repair project as soon as possible.

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Don’t let your valuable furniture be left unusable and in disrepair. Entrust them to us. Call us now for any questions about our furniture repair services or to make an appointment. We assist clients in Spring, TX, and surrounding areas.